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I have changed her name 10 times since I got home; nothing fit. One of my daughters said " Lucy "....it stuck....and she already fits the part. I can't seem to not think of Lucille Ball; some of the fixes my Lucy has already gotten herself into makes me realize that she truly is Lucy; guess that makes me Ethel. I took her to my Vet. this morning; everything was perfect. He said that he could tell she had been well taken care of, so I bragged on you a little.... hope you don't mind. :-)

I bought her a bed, a water bottle, toys, and came home and fixed up the large kennel I have. She slept all night last night. I put her in a smaller cage that I have, covered it loosely with a throw (left room for air), put her in the bedroom with me and she never made a peep. Thanks for my "baby".
Roniece Newman

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shadow announce

Hello Debbie! I just had to let you know how happy Shadow has made our home; she is such a "daddy's shadow". When we lost our precious W.T. (White Trash) ~~ 11-year-old Westie in June, 2007, I had made up my mind that I could never love another. WRONG! This precious package has filled an emptiness in me, and filled my heart to overflowing with love. She has us wrapped around her "little paws". AND YES! ...she has her very own webpage, too. Thank you for your caring, your follow-up calls, offers for any assistance, and encouragement and support during my grief for my "lovey waiting at the Rainbow Bridge". (A note to buyers: I bought my previous Westie from Puppy Corral; a place in Collierville, TN. DO NOT make the same mistake I did! They truly are the quintessential "PUPPY MILL".) I love you!! A. Brown Olive Branch, MS.

January, 2008
Hello, my name is Angel: A few months ago I lost my precious Westie. She was very ill and we did everything we could to make her well, but nothing helped. Savannah (Janice's Grand-daughter and Debbie's Grand-niece) has a puppy named Kaylee, and she has been gracious enough to let me "babysit" Kaylee for a while. Kaylee is SAVANNAH'S PUPPY. Thank you, Savannah, for allowing Kaylee to be with me as a companion for a while and help me "not be so lonesome". All my love

Blanche Angel
Savannah Kaylee
Savannah's Kaylee:
blanche shadow Shadow and Blanche

Shadow and Miss Blanche DuBois (adopted from Memphis Yorkies) napping in her 'house'.
Note Shadow's 'house' is in upper left of photo. Quite obviously "they are joined at the hip!" :-)


Hey, I just wanted to send you this pic of "Lucy" in her new bed and home. I also wanted to thank you for helping me pick out the perfect puppy for our family. You can tell that she has been well socialized and loved on a lot. You can tell you really love all of your puppies, and that makes a huge difference in the way the puppy acts when they reach their new homes. I just can't thank you enough. We "LOVE" her. I'll send more pics as she gets even cuter.......I'll make sure to recommend you to anyone that needs a new member of the family. Robin Crawford

Three Generations of
Memphis Yorkies
Puppy ❤ Love.
Grandmother (shown here), Daughter, and Grand-daughter shown on Memphis Yorkies website. How's that for a "happy family" all around?

Hello, my name is Molly
molly molly

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